Woods Room Spray

Woods Room Spray

$ 18.00

Ok gentlemen. We'd like to talk about smell. Go ahead, you be you. But when guests are coming by your place, it's best to make it as inviting as possible.

A candle is one way, and our Man Shop candles are incredible Man-scents. But if you need a quick freshen up, a Room Spray is the only way to go. Keep this in your bedroom, bathroom, or living room. One spray is all you need for great freshness- a little more when the situation calls for it.

Made in the same great scents as The Man Shop candles, the Woods room spray takes on a walk through the Pacific Northwest. With notes of Blue Spruce, Cedar, Fraser Fir, and Pine, it's a nice woodsy scent that will bring the outdoors inside to your space.

4 ounce Spray Bottle.

IMPORTANT- Keep away from open flame. Do not store at temperatures above 175F degrees. As this room spray contains essential oil fragrance, it's not recommended as a fabric freshener as it may stain clothing- test before use. Do not ingest.